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We create quartz and porcelain surfaces that push the boundaries of creativity and design. Our wide range of colours comes in various sizes, finishes and edge profiles, catering to different style tastes and practical applications, from kitchen work surfaces to bathroom vanities, utility rooms, and more.


Caesarstone offers six finish options, with the finish options for each colour chosen to dress the surface in a way that brings out the best in the design while ensuring it remains long-lasting without the need for sealants or wax.
Polished Finish

With its high-gloss smoothness, our Polished finish emphasizes the surface features with its stunning lustre. It attracts light and reflects it with elegance, illuminating the space around it with a natural brilliance that makes it seem larger and luxurious.
Natural Finish

A slightly textured satin sheen, our Natural finish conjures up the emotional caress of stone, warm, grainy, and uniquely sensorial. It gently reflects light, enhancing the depth of colour and pattern, especially on darker shades.
Honed Finish

Smooth to the touch and soft on the eye, our Honed finish offers a special organic luminosity. Its satin sheen reflects light, while retaining a special shine that penetrates the surface to highlight deeper dimensions.
Concrete Finish

A lightly textured complexion, our Concrete finish is inspired by the granular tactility of smooth concrete with a soft earthiness quality and low light reflection. Its grainy touch evokes the sensation of an organic material that is powerfully strong.
Rough Concrete Finish

A rich and complex rugged look, our Rough finish is achieved by advanced technologies designed to create a compelling tactile effect. It offers the coarse experience of industrial materials, for surfaces that are distinctively gravelly yet still smooth enough for practical cleaning. It highlights patinas and variations in the slab design, creating added depth and intrigue. Applications featuring multiple slabs will experience inherent visual differences.
Ultra Rough Finish

Our most tactile finish, Ultra Rough, is a breakthrough innovation designed exclusively to bring a unique granular touch to porcelain. By adding a dimension of materiality that is authentic to patinas found on crude rocks, natural marbles, and industrial metals or concrete, light reflected from each surface enhances its organic nuances while ensuring the highest durability for ease of care

Slab Dimensions

Qurtz Size

Most Caesarstone quartz surfaces come in Standard size. In addition, some Caesarstone quartz surfaces are available in large Jumbo size, making it easier than ever to fill spaces with fewer joins.

Standard size slabs offered in three thicknesses. Jumbo offered in two thicknesses
Slab Weight


All Caesarstone Porcelain surfaces come in one large size and one thickness.
Porcelain Surface Thickness

Caesarstone porcelain surfaces have a thickness of 12 mm, making them suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Average Caesarstone Porcelain slab weight