Vernolin Deftereos




VERNOLIN has a wide range of products for the polishing of surfaces such as marble, granite, decorative stones, cement and quartz. Depending on the surface, polishing can be achieved by using many different products and by using various techniques. Vernolin can supply you abrasive tools and liquids for small applications up to full equipment with machinery and diamonds for large projects.

The use of machines is essential to achieve high standards in polishing. The three advantages of using machine are:
• Better looking floor and uniform finish
• Polishing can be completed in much less time
• No dust or mess with the help of a special vacuum cleaner and motor bumper
VERNOLIN has a wide range of machines for the processing of the marble, granite etc. We constantly upgrading the quality of the machinery in order to supply more convenient stone processing solutions. Till now we have undertaken the full equipment of marble factories in Greece and out of Greece.

Steps is the easiest system to polish and restore all kind of natural floors in only three steps. The end result with the 3 step diamond polishing pads
• Has better quality finish than traditional 7 step pads
• Offer 40%-60% faster production
The three steps system is available in various diameter and in type of Frankfurt
Polishing powder can give a great effect on surface. Also can be used to maintain polishing in marble, terrazzo, granite etc used to maintain polishing in marble, terrazzo, granite etc.
Crystallization is an innovative method of treating surfaces such as marble and granite. It is the application of certain chemicals products which after a chemical reaction form a thin and shiny layer on the surface able to seal and protect the surface.
Vernolin Wax is a special polishing product for marble, granite and mosaic. This product is indicated for interior and exterior use and is appropriate only for building facades and not for floor surfaces and steps.