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Natural Stone is porous and so without adequate protection it will absorb spilled liquids which in some instances will stain. Even tap water contains minerals, salts and usually chlorine which are all potentially damaging to some stones. For this reason, all stone surfaces should be sealed in order to protect them.

To ensure long life, durability and efficiency, a necessary sealant is required. Waterproofing products create a protective barrier on the surface of the stone that repels liquids and prevents the stone from being absorbed and destroyed. This process is the final touch in any marble, granite, etc. installation or restoration work.

There are a range of different waterproofing products available. Choosing the best natural stone sealer will depend largely on the type of stone you have and its usage.

We are proud to introduce the new REPEL product line. These products have been added to our range in our ongoing effort to meet even the most demanding waterproofing cases.

Repel 10 is a water based waterproof product appropriate for porous surfaces of marble (bushammered, sandblasted, antique, mat, aged), granite (bushammered, sandblasted, flamed) and natural stone. This product is also recommended for unglazed tiles, grout, terra cotta, concrete and bricks.

Repel 8 is a waterproof product for polished marble, granite and natural stone surfaces (travertine etc). This product is the appropriate treatment solution for natural stone or synthetic material floors and unglazed ceramic tiles for easy care. Also is recommended for the treatment of window sills and kitchen tops of natural or synthetic stone, or fibrous cement to avoid staining.

Repel 20 is a waterproof product for marble, granite and natural stone surfaces. This product is appropriate for low- porosity- surfaces of marble, granite, unglazed tiles, grout, terra cotta and other porous surfaces such as concrete and brick.