VEROPOX is a range of ready to use epoxy systems suitable for:

• Block reinforcement

• Slab reinforcement with mesh

• Void filling -Slab finishing and impregnation

• tructural bonding

• Can be used for granites, marbles and other types of natural stones

All VEROPOX epoxy materials provide high performance from latest epoxy technology:

• High adhesion

• Excellent mechanical strength and breakage resistance

• High weather and chemical resistance

• Very low shrinkage

• High gloss after polishing

• Curing at room temperature as well as for accelerated oven cure

• No solvent or styrene emissionsυ

• Can be individually colored with Veropox coloring pastes

Why VEROPOX? Epoxies provide:

• Stronger adhesion

• Excellent mechanical strength

• High weather and chemical resistance

• Very low shrinkage

• No styrene emissions

VEROPOX range contains:

• Liquid epoxy standard systems

• Liquid epoxy special systems

• Special thixotropic epoxy gels

• Customized systems for blocks reinforcement

• Epoxy mastics




EPOKITT Solid Epoxy

EPOKITT Solid Epoxy Resin is one of the new products designed for extra-strong bonding. It is also used in civil engineering for grouting, cement strengthening, structural adhesives, high solid paints, applications to be injected into cracks. This "transparent" resin can also be used to reinforce marble slabs and on some types of granite it gives a wet effect.